Saturday, October 10, 2009

Words By RJD2

A man once asked RJD2 how everything he makes is so perfect and so amazing. His response was that not everything he makes is amazing and perfect. Matter of fact maybe only 10% of what he makes he thinks is good, and that 10% is the percent that you have heard. The other 90 gets tucked away in a hard drive never to be heard by anyone ever again.

I use this example to talk about my failures and success of the day today. I was in the studio all day today working on the Yelle remix. I actually woke up at 8 am after going to bed 5 am to get to work. After hours of failure I decided to take the instrumentation I had, scrap Yelle, and turn it into an original piece. Five hours later I disliked my original piece even more. After hours and hours perfecting baselines and chord progressions I decided it was time to just get rid of the entire project. I then made a new one and pulled up three or four oldies songs that I had thought about remixing. After a little tinkering I came up with some really groovin vocal cuts and a baseline kinda similar to A1 Bassline, well initially at least. Oh and the song is Move Your Feet by Junior Senior. I actually don't know how old that song is, but it is kinda catchy and 90's sounding. Who knows. Ok I should get to sleep before sunrise. I got about 20 minutes I think...

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